Created & developed by Professional Paintballers.

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Who we are

From Professionals to Revolutionaries

We are a Paintball Company Owned and Operated by Paintball Players, with one goal: To Provide high performance, high quality products, that can live up to the extreme demands of tournament and scenario play.

We strive to keep on top of the latest technology available in all Industries, allowing us to develop products and materials that have never been seen before in paintball. We are working on a few top secret projects that will change paintball forever.

We started off with only 3 product lines; marker modifications, barrel systems and harnesses. Since then we’ve ventured further into the realm of paintball to develop air systems, casual apparel and more!

What we do

The Essence Paintball Assassin

Paintball Assassin™ is a company producing high level, extremely innovative paintball products, specifically Designed for the Art of Killing. We are dedicated to bringing out the highest quality products to take your game to the next level.

Our products are made from materials such as Carbon Fibre, and Aircraft Grade Aluminium. All of our products come well packaged and perfect every time, if you experience a problem with any of our products we offer some of the best warranty replacement in the industry.

With a distribution network that Includes such retailers as Badlands Paintball in Canada, ANS in the USA, in Australia and New Zealand and of course, JT Europe. Our goal is to develop a network of distributors that all work together to promote and support our products.