Welcome To Paintball Assassin™
We are a Paintball Company Owned and Operated by Paintball Players, with one goal: To Provide high performance, high quality products, that can live up to the extreme demands of tournament and scenario play.

We strive to keep on top of the latest technology available in all Industries, allowing us to develop products and materials that have never been seen before in paintball. We are working on a few top secret projects that will change paintball forever.

Currently we have three main product lines:
  1. The DeathstixT Series 2 Barrel System:
    A high performance carbon fibre barrel kit designed for tournament of scenario play. It comes in a soft compact case with 4 backs in the following sizes .686, .689, .692, and .695. No other Carbon Fibre Barrel Kit is as light weight or configurable as the DeathstixT barrel kit. With our special porting design and size as well as the natural low coefficient drag of a true carbon fibre barrel it means that any ball breaks shoot clean faster than with a standard alloy barrel. With tons of new colours you can find the right Deathstix to match your gun!
  2. The ETR Rail:
    A rail designed specifically for all Planet Eclipse Markers from the Etek to the Geo and Ego markers including the SL versions. With tanks and bottles getting smaller and smaller, some players need that extra length on their Eclipse marker to be comfortable. It's the easiest way to fix your setup! It is made from aviation grade aluminum and allows players to fully adjust the length of their high performance marker.
  3. The X-Series Series 2 Harness:
    The X-Series 2 Harness has improved yet again for the 2011 Paintball season with even better comfort, durability, and style. The X-Series harness is made from high quality materials and is designed for 2 things: Comfort and Speed. They come in 2 configurations X36 (3+6 = 9 pod capacity)
    or the x47 (4+7 = 11 pod capacity), and are available in a ton of different colour combinations. Hot off the press are the new Zombie Prints in blue, red, olive and grey. Best of all Paintball Assassin now offers the ability for custom sublimated harnesses for teams or shops, giving everyone the ability to have a truly custom harness system.
    (for custom X-Series harnesses there are some additional artwork costs and a minimum order size.)